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Whenever you think of relocating or moving to a new city or country, one thing that would strike in your mind is how relocate? Well, thinking of relocating is easy. But, actually moving to a new place is really a hectic process especially when you have valuables things with you. Obviously, when you move from one house or office to another, your household items or valuables will also be moved with you. So, this is something that becomes herculean task for you while relocating. Well, you no need to worry when you have packers and movers at If you’re planning to shift in Gurgaon or shifting from Gurgaon then citiesmovers brings a list of top packers and movers in Gurgaon for you.

Citiesmovers provides a list of top 10 packers and movers companies in Gurgaon

In fact, you would be having one question in mind i.e. what citiesmovers is? Citiesmovers is a local web directory containing a list of 10 renowned and reliable packers and movers in Gurgaon. You must know that the every packer and mover company collaborated and associated with citiesmovers goes through extensive background research before we register them with us. We look for authenticity, reliability, and transparency in the company then after proceed further. Moreover, we only connect with verified and certified packers and movers in Gurgaon. You shouldn’t be worried about the services you get from them. The service providers ensure to provide you best, accurate, and valuable services at reasonable price. Therefore, your concern for money also drops here.

Moreover, the services you get at packers and movers in Gurgaon include:
  • Domestic household shifting
  • National shifting
  • International sifting
  • Assistance in loading and unloading
  • 24/7 customer care service
  • Storage services
  • Reliable and fast shifting assistance
  • Insurance coverage

And many more services to add in the list.

Additionally, the services you get from packers and movers available in citiesmovers ensure to make your relocation process easy going. Even they do everything to make your relocation hassle-free. Before you move forward to hire packers and movers at, make sure you go through the website properly. Read each review mentioned there. It will help you know how authentic the site is. Also what kind of servicers they have provided to their past customers. Moreover, you shouldn’t worry about valuables or delicate items that you want to shift.

The professional packers and movers are expert in taking care of the delicate items while sifting and moving from place to destination. Meanwhile the shifting process, if any of your items get damaged or broken, you will get insurance coverage based on that item. However, nothing happens like this, the service providers always ensure to safely move the items. So, you must feel free about your relocation and let professionals do their work.

What sets citiesmovers apart?

Citiesmovers is a reliable web directory in Gurgaon and across India. We ensure to provide the best packers and movers from the top 10 companies available in in Gurgaon. In fact, we maintain the authenticity in our work. The companies we collaborate with are verified and certified. They have also provided relocation services to many clients within Gurgaon and across India. But make sure you have had extensive and through research on the company you’re going to hire for availing relocation services. After selecting the company, if you contact them and didn’t like the service prices (or if it’s not in your budget) then you can always try to negotiate with them.

This is the advantage for you to hire packers and movers from as they can negotiate prices unlike other companies in Gurgaon. There are many companies that offer services at fixed prices. But, here all the companies listed in citiesmovers are best for negotiating prices.

How do you prepare for home shifting in Gurgaon?

Home relocation is literally time consuming task which can’t happen in a single night. Relocation requires a deep and thorough planning no matter whether you’re relocating to Gurgaon or to some other city. Here are plenty of useful tips that will make your home relocation a stress-free task. Just read and follow them:

  • Firstly, you have to create a moving checklist and complete every task which is meant to be done by you. Once packers and movers visit your place they will do things accordingly.
  • Now declutter unwanted and unused items. You can also donate unused items to local charity people or sell them to earn extra few bucks.
  • It’s time to hire professional packers and movers in Gurgaon. Book professionals at least 1-2 weeks before. Citiesmovers will help you find the best moving company in your city.
  • Try to pack essential things in a separate bag like medicines, towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, clothes, kid’s items, and many more.
  • Now pack some valuable and fragile items like laptops, computer, jewelry, chargers, and other electronic items as well.
  • Before making a final move, just visit your new home once. Just clean the home, get rid of dirt if you find any. Also check the working condition of taps, electrical sockets, plumbing, and so on. Get the repair/replacement done if required and necessary.
  • Don’t forget to contact the utility service provider to get essential services like electricity, water supply, LPG gas connection, internet connectivity, TV connection, etc.
  • Also update your home address to important firms like banks, credit card companies, educational institutes, post office, online shopping sites, insurance firms, and so on. This will help you get important mail subscriptions.
  • Finally, settle each and every item gets connected to the new home with proper wire and connections.

Common moving mistakes you must avoid making during relocation

It’s not a new thing that people don’t make mistakes but mistakes associated with moving can create blunder. That’s why to save you from making mistakes. Here we’ve curated a list of mistakes which you must avoid making.

➣ Packing at the last minute: 

For the most part, individuals begin pressing at the last possible second and wind up ruining and wrecking things due to being in a rush without a second to spare. Besides, along these lines, you may wind up pressing all the neither family things including those which you needn’t bother with any more nor plan to use later on. Don’t make such mistake rather pack items at least one week before the move.

➣ Not able to get proper transport service : 

With regards to moving your things, you should track down a trustworthy vehicle, shift home products cautiously from house to truck, and guarantee they are securely moved to your objective area. Prior to choosing any irregular truck rental specialist organization, you should discover their vehicle plans subtleties and ensure they are authentic truck suppliers. Whenever you hire any transport company in Gurgaon, make sure the company uses their own truck and don’t take trucks on rent.

➣ Not doing proper search on packers and movers: 

To keep away from these issues, you may choose to enlist a top pressing and moving organization in Gurgaon who can make your work simpler and quicker. Be that as it may, due to unprofessional packers and movers industry you will run over many phony and amateurish trucking organizations on the lookout. On the off chance that you contact home moving specialist organizations without investigating or checking their subtleties first, you may stall out with wrong moving specialist who may swindle you of immense measures of cash or take your assets. Make sure to have a good research on the company before finalizing any moving company.

Best 10 tips you must follow while hiring packers and movers in Gurgaon

1. Check out the packers and movers details: 

Prior to reaching out to any Gurgaon movers and packers offices, make a point to do a careful personal investigation by investigating the general subtleties like organization site, long periods of involvement, and the rundown of home relocation services they give. Approve the movers and packers Gurgaon contact numbers and cross-check. If they have a legitimate office arrangement face to face at the location referenced on their site.

2. Check whether the company is certified/verified or not: 

Next you have to check if the packers and movers in gurgaon companies have the fundamental Govt. of India approval reports like GST authentication, business enlistment/shop permit, office address evidence, proprietor ID verification, etc. To be on the more secure side you can likewise take note of the GSTIN number of the organization. So that you can find them in desperate circumstances. All these identification will help you hire the authentic and trustworthy company.

3. Don’t forget to compare the prices of different moving companies: 

Disclose the moving prerequisites to your rundown of movers and packers in Gurgaon and get somewhere around 4-5 expense citations. Analyze the Gurgaon packers and movers rate diagrams alongside moving company profiles. And pressing moving services offered to choose the most moderate moving specialist co-op close to you. Don’t forget to ask whether the company charges any hidden cost or not.

4. Never go with cheap packers and movers unless you’re sure: 

There are some moving companies that offer you services at cheap rate. You know why? Because they compromise with the quality of services offered. Additionally, cheap packers and movers turn out to be the fake and fraud one. This type of service providing companies shouldn’t be trusted at all. So, avoid hiring such companies just to save few bucks in the pocket.

5. Always read the previous customers feedback on the site: 

Peruse the packers and movers surveys and appraisals of Gurgaon moving and pressing offices to comprehend what the past clients need to say about them and check if the protests overwhelm praises. Additionally, discover the assistance quality offered and their degree of fulfillment toward the finish of migration to bring in sure the cash you are spending will be great. Make sure company should have more positive customer feedback than negative ones.

6. Check out the quality of services provided: 

Do you want to know how a moving company provides services to their clients? If yes, then check out the quality of services they provide. Just look at the packing material they use, and find out how they pack, handle, and load the items in the truck. Also, examine whether they use their own trucks or get trucks on rent from third party transportation services.

7. Always negotiate to get services at better prices: 

Never ever say yes for services at the price packers and movers put forth. Always try to negotiate the prices for the services you avail from packers and movers. This way you will be able to get better deals and discounts on your final prices. Sometimes, companies run offers for the customers who avail services for the first time, so be ready to avail that as well.

8. Get reference from your friends and relatives: 

Do you want to save your time while hiring packers and movers? If yes, ask for the reference from your family and friends. There would be many known friends and relatives in your family who once have relocated to Gurgaon and availed packers and movers services. The reference works best as you get to avail services from reliable and referred moving company.

9. Ask if the company provides transit insurance coverage: 

Transit insurance is one of the great services you get from Packers and Movers Company in Gurgaon. If any damage happens with your goods during the transit, you get the coverage amount from the company. This way you end up saving and recover the damage cause to your items.

10. Never sign the documents before reading them properly: 

Prior to finishing your arrangement with the Gurgaon moving company or marking any authoritative reports, ensure you go through the papers altogether prior to marking it. Peruse and see every single mark of their Terms and Conditions. And check if they have referenced all your mentioned rundown of administrations in the desk work. It’s important to read out the documents before you even sign it.