I know moving can be really hassling. You know what’s more stressful? Packing your books. Books are life for bibliophiles. We don’t want a single wear and tear on our books. Thus, they need special attention and care. If you are relocating to a new place with your books, this article will help you by providing you some tips to pack books for your relocation.

Let’s cut to the chase

Tips to Pack Books for Relocation

Pack Books for Relocation

House relocation is really painful for book lovers. They fear the damage that can occur to their books in transit. It becomes a nightmare for them. However, if you carefully follow the below mentioned tips you can pack your books for a safe relocation.

✅ Strong boxes

Books are heavy especially if you have those thick books. They require strong boxes. If the box you are using for packing your books is not much strong, it can get damaged anytime which may also damage your books. Hence, you need to look for strong boxes. It is not necessary to find large boxes; smaller boxes are good enough provided they are strong.

✅ Use packing paper or tissues

If you have those beautiful slip covers for your hardback books, the chances of damages are somewhat more. Thus, you can use packing paper or tissues to protect the books from getting any kind of wear and tear. Simply line the boxes with tissues or packing paper before putting the books inside it. Moving companies in Mumbai generally follow this technique to protect books from damages.

✅ Heavy books first

If you place heavier books on top, it will put a load on the smaller books placed underneath. This can damage those smaller books. Hence, it is always advisable to place the heavier books first and then smaller ones on top of them. How to move heavy items during home relocation?

✅ Place the books horizontally

This is a no brainer right? But still many people make the mistake of putting the books in the boxes in vertical position. Stacking books on top of each other vertically will only lead to mishap. Therefore, it is always best to pack the books horizontally-stacks of flat-packed books. According to the size of the box you can determine the number of stacks, but generally for a normal sized box, creating two stacks is ideal. By doing so, you will prevent your books from getting any kind of damage.

✅ Don’t overload

Do not overload the box with books just to keep another box as reserve for other items. Your books must be very dear to you. So, do not make this mistake. Always put the right number of books in the boxes, neither more nor less. Every box has a capacity, so pack as many books as the box can accommodate.

✅ Fill gaps

Having said the previous tip, you can always fill if there is any gap left in the box. However, that gap can’t be and must not be filled with another book. You can use soft clothes, newspapers, soft towels to fill the gaps in the boxes. What this will do is this will secure the books in place.

✅ Exploit packing tape

If you are saving your tape for your future move, you should better not relocate. Why is that? This is because your books are far more precious and important than few metres of tape. So, don’t be a niggard with packing tape. Using the tape several times to seal the box will actually secure your books. This will also reduce your home relocation charges. Because this will preserve the condition of the books and you will not have to spend anything on restoration of paperbacks.

✅ Label the boxes

You should always label the boxes. This is essential because by not labelling the boxes the movers will not know which box contains what. Due to which they can place heavy box over the light one which will only lead to damage to the latter one. Hence, you must label your box as kitchen items, dressing items and most importantly “Books” because they are fragile and are susceptible to getting damaged.  

Summing it up

Home or office relocation is an energy-draining process. It requires careful planning and preparation. By hiring packers and movers in mumbai you can make your moving process easy-peasy.