Are you looking for best affordable cities to move in India? If yes, you have made a right way to visit this article. Why? Because in this article you’re going to read about top affordable cities to move in India. However, you can easily settle down in any city of India because the whole country is affordable. Nevertheless, you need a list of cities from which you can make a decision. Whether you’re considering moving or shifting home to India or within India, this guide will help you make a significant decision.

affordable cities to move

Without beating around bush, let’s get started and look at the list given below.

Most affordable cities to move or live in India

1. Kolkata

Kolkata is a well-known city, a hub of bangoli people and famous for rice and fish curry. When it comes to living to this city, it offers a super low cost house which anyone can easily afford. Purchasing from cheap house to cheap sweets, cloths, foods, everything is available here. Moreover, the culture of Kolkata is also amazing; if you live here you’ll get to learn the tradition and culture of people living here. But if you’re looking to build your career then Kolkata isn’t a perfect city for you as the city doesn’t offer any job opportunities as such.

2. Chennai

Another affordable city comes in the list is Chennai. Let me tell you that Chennai is known as most inexpensive for rental properties. From providing cheap properties, to cheap foods, and entertainment, the city has a lot to offer. Not only the city is famous for being affordable one, but also for being rich in culture, tradition, great educational institute, and job opportunities. Moreover, you also get to enjoy the beach sight on its shore.

3. Delhi

Delhi would be a dream city of many also because it’s a capital city and a hub for political leaders. If you’re planning to shift to India let me tell you that Delhi is a most affordable city for offering low budget-friendly house. In fact, the city does provide good job opportunities, pocket-friendly transport, and overall budget friendly living. Make sure you hire packers and movers in Delhi here to make your relocation a cakewalk.

4. Mumbai

We’re looking for budget-friendly city, so how Mumbai can come in the list? This is what you’re thinking right. Well, let me tell you that Mumbai being a financial capital of India is a largest metropolitan city. No wonder the city is quite expensive to live but it does offer budget friendly living for those who want to settle here. Moreover, the city is also famous for offering job opportunity, carrier growth in Bollywood industry, and a lot more. You can manage things on your own once you settle there.

5. Udaipur

Do you want to live a simple and pleasant life close to nature? If yes, Udaipur is the city where you can spend your life happily ever after. This is a budget-friendly and a smaller city as compared to other large cities you just read above. The city is located in Rajasthan, which is a most historic and fascinating state of India. And when we talk about Udaipur, it is the most beautiful city built around two large lakes. In fact, the city is sometimes marked as the most beautiful and romantic place in the entire India subcontinent.

6. Jaipur

Who doesn’t know about the pink city of India? Like Udaipur, Jaipur also falls under the state of Rajasthan. The interesting thing about Jaipur is that it is a royal capital city of Rajasthan and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is a forever tourist attraction. If you want to save your cost and live in a city then Jaipur should be in your list. Not only does it an affordable city, but also provides a magnificent view to people.

Final synopsis

Guys, the list of affordable cities doesn’t end here. In fact, there are many more budget-friendly cities you can find in India. However, above mentioned are major one which you can enjoy being the most. Now that you have read this article, I believe you can find the best cheap cities in India. Also, you’ll need moving companies and packers and movers for your items to shift to a new place. If you want to hire reliable packers and movers then look at the list of citiesmovers.

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