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Moving does not have to be a stressful endeavor! If you hire professional moving companies in Edmonton, moving your household belongings can become an easy-breezy process. Their professional and experienced movers know how to get the job done in the best way possible. They ensure your goods reach the desired destination without getting any damages. So, whether you are moving down the block or moving interstate or even if you are moving across Canada, you can rely on our packing services in Edmonton. Citiesmovers encourages you to be systematic and organized about your move.

Doubtful about Citiesmovers? Let’s know us in a little more detail

Citiesmovers is the place where all your searches will end. So, if you are looking for the best packers and movers then look no further. We have the best online directory of top 10 reliable and trustworthy moving companies in Edmonton. All the movers listed with us are experienced and genuine. Our companies have the reputation of a trusted and caring moving company.

So, whether you are moving your household essentials or your office, we are here for you providing top notch moving services at your doorsteps. Our trained and experienced movers will make your relocation a breeze. Our team care about your move and your belongings. Also, our reputed Edmonton moving company ensures your valuables are transported safely and arrive undamaged at your new place. At Citiesmovers, we’ll do everything we can to put your mind at ease.  

Citiesmovers moving companies in Edmonton provides

Long-distance moving

Are you looking for long-distance moving? Citiesmovers Movers are the best moving companies in Edmonton to hire for provincial moving whether you are moving from Edmonton to British Columbia or from Edmonton to Toronto. We are routinely completing moves between different provinces across Canada. Moving can be a chaotic and hectic process because of the degree, long distance moves are even more so. You can eliminate the stress by hiring professional moving companies Edmonton.

Our movers have the experience and training to secure your possessions, safely pack and load them, and deliver them at your doorsteps on time. Our goods carriers and trucks are well equipped to move your belongings long-distances safely and quickly. Your goods will be secured and insured all the time. Our trucks are well-equipped with GPS navigation so you can track your goods 24/7.

Storage services

If you are looking for storage facilities to store your goods, you can avail our storage services. Edmonton movers offer amazing storage rates, easy pickup and safe delivery services at our large, clean, and climate-controlled warehouses or storage facilities. We have no Hidden charges, so you’re not going to be surprised with an inflated bill after your move since our moving companies present detailed all-inclusive estimates with upfront moving expenses. We’ll take note of your moving requirements and provide you with an estimate that not only suits your budget with an affordable price.

Whether you need moving services for one time move, or whether you are looking for professional and commercial trucking service to offload your ongoing trucking requirements, you can rest assured you will get the best services at the most affordable pricing. Our moving consultants are always available to help you with any further and detailed queries you might have regarding our moving services.

Commercial moving

We have experienced moving companies in Edmonton will be happy to help your company with a commercial move in Edmonton. No matter how small or large the size of your goods is, our commercial moving team can help you relocate any size move. We not only transport your goods from one place to another, but we also plan your move as we are also office moving consultants. We understand your work can’t stop while moving your office.

And that is why our movers offer off-hours office moving services to minimize the interruptions to your business; movers can perform your move during evenings and weekends. Before packing and loading your office goods, our movers will also dismantle the goods that need dismantling such as office furniture, cubicles and workstations. Movers will also unpack and re-assemble your work environment at your new place.

Home moving services

Moving companies in Edmonton provides top notch home moving services to its clients. Our household relocation services include dismantling, packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, and re-assembling of those goods. Movers in Edmonton are well-experienced and well-trained in providing top notch home moving services.

Vehicle moving services

Packing services in Edmonton provide exceptional vehicle moving services. We understand moving vehicle is not an easy task. It requires careful handling of a heavy vehicle that can be really expensive. So, it needs professional and skillful hands. So, whether you are moving your two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle, our movers in Edmonton will help you in safe and secure moving of your vehicle. Thus, you can hire our packing services for an easy-breezy vehicle moving.

Furniture moving services

Moving companies in Edmonton provide top notch furniture moving services. There are some kinds of heavy furniture that you can’t lift or pack all on your own. You need professional help for that. Moving companies use modern machinery and tools to dismantle the furniture and then pack them as well. Our movers use special quality packing paper to pack your furniture with utmost care and protection.

What will be the process of moving?

It is important to understand the process of moving before you hire a moving company. Let us go through the process of moving

Look for moving companies in Edmonton

This is the first thing you will be doing at the start of your move. You can check the online list of top 10 moving companies in Edmonton. Shortlist at least three moving companies from there. Do your thorough research on the moving companies in Edmonton by checking their websites, reading the reviews and seeing the ratings of that particular company. Hire an experienced and skilled movers and packers Edmonton.

Pre-move survey

This is the second step which includes pre-move survey. Team of movers will pay a visit to your house to have a look around. They will make a list which will include the items that you want to move with you.


Next step is packing of goods. Then, on a decided day the movers will come to your house to pack your belongings. Our movers in Edmonton use premium-quality packing materials to pack your goods. This is to ensure your goods stay safe during transit.


Then, our movers will very carefully load your goods into the moving vehicle. Our movers use modern tools and techniques to pack and load your goods with utmost safety.


After loading, goods will be transported to the desired destination in the safest manner. The transit will be totally insured which will ensure you can claim for the damage if any accident happen.


Once the goods arrive at the intended destination, our movers in Edmonton will safely unload your goods. After that, they will also do the unpacking as well as re-assembling of the goods with extra care and protection. 

Make your move hassle-free with these moving tips

Moving is indeed tedious but following few tips you can make it a little less stressful and less tedious. So, what are those moving tips? Let’s take a look at some moving tips that you can follow to make your move hassle-free.

Plan in advance

Moving is a lengthy and never-ending process which needs extensive planning and preparation. Hence, you must start early and plan well in advance. Start the planning at least a month before the final day of move. This ensures you don’t miss or skip any important thing related to your move.

Make a list

Preparing a list of items is really crucial. You must make a list which includes the name of the items that you want to move with you. The essential items such as bathroom essentials, bedroom essentials, kitchen essentials and other important basic things which you need should be on the list. Besides that, you can also make a list of non-essential items which will include the items that is not important or useless to you. Taking these items will only increase your transportation cost. Thus, you should get rid of the unnecessary items in order to avoid paying extra money as transportation cost.

Tell your closed ones you are moving

When you decide to move, ensure that you tell your family and friends. It is important to inform your closed ones about your move. Besides that, you have to also inform private or public authorities, post office, bank, newspaper delivery, as well as utility companies and others as deemed necessary.

Mindfully choose the date of move

You will never want to reach your new home in a blizzard or heavy rains when you have packed your woolen coats somewhere in a box. Bad weather will also increase the travel time which in turn, will increase the cost of moving. Thus, it is important to select a favorable weather to move like early summer or spring season. Ensure the weather does not interfere with the traffic. Besides that, do not move during weekends or festivals or holidays as those are the days when the movers are the most busy which would mean they will charge more. Therefore, you can move during weekdays and on non-holidays or no-festival days. Another time you can choose for relocation is when moving companies run special offers and deals.

Check essential utilities at destination

During the planning phase, you have to ensure that all the essential utilities are in proper place. Essential utilities include electricity connection, water connection, TV and internet connection, telephone connection, gas connection and so on and so forth. These things are essential for you to comfortably live in your new residence.

Requirements specific search

Before choosing the right moving company in Edmonton it is important to understand the moving requirements. This will allow you to choose the perfect moving company Edmonton for your relocation process. Different moving companies Edmonton provide different moving services. Hence, you must search according to your moving requirements. And if you are looking for everything under one roof, you can count on Citiesmovers moving companies in Edmonton.  Our movers in Edmonton provide all in one moving solutions. So, whether you need only transportation services or need complete moving services package, you can avail services from Citiesmovers.

Do your research

If you are planning to hire professional moving company Edmonton, you must do a thorough research on the companies before hiring them. This is because many companies are fake preying on your money. They will take your money and will just vanish. Hence, it is important to conduct deep research and analysis on moving companies Edmonton before finalizing one.

Relocation can be really daunting and overwhelming. You can make it hassle-free and seamless by hiring professional moving companies in Edmonton. They have the necessary experience and skills to execute relocation in the most successful manner. You can always count on our movers for your relocation. Our team at Citiesmovers will assist you at every step of relocation process. So, whether you are planning to, from or within Edmonton you can avail top notch moving services offered by moving companies in Edmonton listed with Citiesmovers.

Relocation is not tedious if you have Citiesmovers by your side. And if you go the DIY-way you can actually end up damaging the goods or you can even injure or hurt yourself during the process. Hence, you must leave the job of relocation in the hands of professional moving companies in Edmonton. So, tell us when you are planning to relocate? Our movers will help you make your relocation easy-breezy and smooth.