Mumbai is one of the most famous cities of India and is a capital state of Maharashtra. Not only the city is famous for Bollywood movies (a hub of film stars), but also famous for being a financial center of the country. With dreams of becoming film stars, getting role in T.V commercials, taking part in singing sensational, and to build their career, many youngsters relocate here. Some of them do relocate with their family as well. But let me tell you that relocation to this city isn’t easy at all unless you take professional’s help.

packers and movers in mumbai

But how to know which Packers and Movers in Mumbai are reliable and trustworthy? To find reliable and trustworthy professionals in Mumbai, I have curated a list of tip that will help you with that.

Let’s start and talk about them.

Tips to hire reliable and trustworthy packers and movers in Mumbai

✔️ Check their certifications

The very first tip you should consider when hiring packers and movers in Mumbai is the certification they have or not. Verification and certification are two major things which show that the company is genuine and authentic. You can ask the company in person about the certification they have. If the company is certified, they will show you the original certificate otherwise they will make fool out of you if they are fake one. So, beware of such companies.

✔️ Check their online customer reviews

Online reviews have power that no one has in the online market today. In fact, 95% of people make purchase after reading the online reviews. That’s why before you hire any moving company make sure to read reviews on their website and the star rating of the company. If the company is genuine and authentic one, their reviews will be positive. If you see negative reviews that means the company is not reliable and doesn’t provide quality services to their clients. Avoid hiring such companies for your home relocation process.

✔️ Insurance coverage guarantee

Another important tip you should consider and is a sign of reliable packers and movers is insurance coverage facility they provide to their clients. Let me tell you that there are many moving companies out there that don’t provide you transit insurance facility but Movers and Packers in Mumbai at citiesmovers do provide you this facility as well. With transit insurance, you save the life of your household items and if in any case the items get damage during the move, you get coverage amount against that good.

✔️ Safe transportation services

Transportation plays a big role in home relocation process, right. I would say safe transportation rather. Because all the household items and goods are to be transported via truck and it is the duty of company that all the goods are safely delivered to the final destination. Isn’t it? Also make sure the company you’re hiring use their own trucks and don’t provide you services in any rental truck. This saves you during transit. To know about their transportation services, you can talk to their previous customers by taking their number from the company itself.

✔️ Look at the services they provide

Different moving companies provide different types of services to their clients. Which company you should hire? That’s the main question here. You must hire the company that provide you full package of home relocation services. Below I’m going to list down the name of services that come in a package:

  • Packing/unpacking
  • Door-to-door facility
  • Assembling/unassembling
  • Loading/unloading
  • Transportation
  • Local shifting
  • Domestic shifting
  • Transit insurance facility

And these are the services which you must get from a moving company. If a company provides you services other than this then feel free to ask them about the service price and overall cost that is going to charge you.

Let’s conclude

Now that you have read what all things you should consider when hiring packers and movers in Mumbai, make sure to follow all of them mentioned in this article. Every tip mentioned in this article is very important for you if you really want to make your Mumbai home relocation an easy going, cakewalk, and stress-free process. Don’t forget that you can end up draining your energy and time if not taking help of professionals.

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