The fact is moving companies play a significant role in overall home shifting. Home relocation is something you can’t manage to do on your own. Not only do you end up draining your energy, but also wasting time as well. That’s why hiring professional packers and movers in bangalore will be the best idea to reduce pain, strain, stress, and tension associated with home relocation. The professionals possess the ability to make the home shifting task super easier. But the strange thing is that there have been misconceptions (myths) revolving in the minds of people about packers and movers.

myths about packers and movers

What these myths are? So, in this article, you’re going to read about top myths of professional packers and movers that you must neglect.

A list of Myths of packers and movers at a glance

If you want to make your home relocation an easy-breezy task, you have to debunk the myths given below. Let’s have a look at them…

✘ Moving companies charge hidden prices

Price is something which people always concern about. But it has become a myth for people that moving companies charge by tricking people. However, the fact is companies that are not reputed and certified charge hidden costs. But it is not always true for all the companies. Let me tell you that hiring professional movers and packers pune from Citiesmovers will not charge you any kind of hidden cost. You will only need to pay for the services you avail from them and nothing else. In fact, you can get estimated quote from them to determine the final price.

✘ Items found broken when unpacking

Another myth which is trotting in the mind of people is that they find items broken at the time of unpacking. This is wrong. In fact, no moving company will want to destroy the household possession of any of their client. They don’t know you in person nor do they have personal grudge against you. So how does it possible? Let me tell you that professional movers take great care while packing, loading, moving, and unloading of your items throughout the relocation. I will say that keep this thought away from your mind once you hire movers, rest assured on them.

✘ DIY is much better option

People think they can handle the relocation process better than professional movers. They think that they can easily pack, load and unload the items. Do you also think the same? If yes, you’re just following the myth nothing else. There is so much one need to manage starting from buying packing materials, packing, booking transportation, and loading, unloading, and finally unpacking. This is all overwhelming and bone-breaking task for anyone.

Whereas hiring movers and packers is much cost-effective way of not draining energy in the relocation process. The movers are experienced and know how to carry the entire shifting effectively.

✘ Charge of extra packing material

If you hire packers and movers from Citiesmovers, you will see the cost of relocation is mentioned in the quotation. Based on that the movers charge you and there is nothing extra you will be charged by them. This is the myth which people blindly follow. However the truth is that if you have more fragile items which demand special take care and packaging then more packing material will be used for sure and in that condition, they may charge you extra penny as well. So it all depends upon the number of fragile items you have.

✘ All packers and movers are alike

It is quite agreeable that all the packers and movers provide same packing and moving services. But that doesn’t mean that all the moving companies are also same. The services might be same but the professionals vary. Let me tell you that some professionals focus on domestic relocation, some on national and some focus on international shifting. But you must avoid hiring any random moving company as you don’t know when such company can trick you.

The advice you need to follow is that always do a deep research before hiring any moving company.

✘ Transit insurance will cover everything

Transit insurance is the facility which moving companies provide to people for saving the life of their household goods. It is just like life insurance. However, the myth which is going on is that transit insurance will cover everything. Well, this is completely wrong. Transit insurance is only meant for significant items which need special attention and take care. It covers only a portion of damage during the move. But if you want full value protection coverage then you can always request a company to offer you for the same.

✘ Professional movers can move anything

If you’re hiring professional packers and movers in noida then don’t expect that they will move everything. Let me tell you that there are few things which movers don’t move. These prohibited items include hazardous material, ammunition, jewellery, pets, flammable items, perishable goods, frozen food items and so on. If they move such items it will be against their rules and company’s policies. So, if you have any such items to move, it will be better if you ask them in advance whether they will move these items or not. You just need to keep things clear before hiring a moving company.

Over to you!

In the end of this article, I will only say that home shifting is not a cup of tea. Believe me; you can’t handle the entire relocation process if you believe such misconceptions about packers and movers. To make shifting easy-breezy task, you must hire trustworthy, reliable and certified movers and packers from Citiesmovers. But for that you must debunk the myths which you have ingrained in your mind. We ensure that hiring the best moving company will be worth your every single penny you pay for availing packing and moving services.

Got any query or question to ask? Don’t worry Citismovers is here to help. You can hire any moving company for any type of relocation. Forget not to get in touch with us.