Relocation can be really hectic and overwhelming and there is no doubt about it. What is probably the most important part of relocation? Of course, packing and unpacking. This is because packing & unpacking requires utmost care and skill. You may be having some delicate goods and if the moving company does not have workers skilled for packing of delicate and precious items, they can get damaged. You can’t do it DIY either. But packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers knows what to do. They make efforts to streamline the whole process for your relocation. And when it comes to packing and unpacking for your relocation, there is indeed a better way.

Here is a rundown to the best packing and unpacking tips

Tips for packing and unpacking

Following tips are aiming to teach you how to make the packing as well as unpacking process easy-breezy.

✅  Packing

Make a list of items

To make everything convenient and easier for yourself, prepare a list of the items you intend to take with you. This will help you in streamlining the whole process. It will make things easier for you to manage.

Categorize items according to rooms

There are myriad of items that you want to take with you. And there are other things also that you need to deal with. To make things simpler, you can sort items by rooms. For instance, kitchen items, bed room items, living room items etc. Another way you can sort things by are- wrapping materials, anchoring objects, organizational tools, delicate items and more.


Next thing is packers will be coming to your place to pack your belongings which will be loaded onto the truck later on. You can guide them and supervise the packing process. Give them your list of goods so that they can pack the products in a sequential and systematic manner.

✅  Unpacking

Unpacking may feel like an exciting process to you but it also requires some efforts. Here are few tips that can help you in making the unpacking process simpler.

  • Keep similar materials together as you remove them, sorting further as they come out from the boxes.
  • For instance, put towels with towels, put clothes with clothes etc.
  • Some items need to be store as stacks like books, plates etc.
  • Wash items that need washing like clothes, dishes etc.

✅  Packing and Unpacking Services provided by Citiesmovers 

There are two kinds of services that Citiesmovers provide with respect to packing and unpacking.

✅  Full Packing and Unpacking Service

In this type, we will take care of everything. Packers and Movers in Gurgaon will visit your house and will take a note of things you want to move with you. They will come with full amenities and packing material to pack everything. Based on the type and amount of goods, they will schedule a convenient date and time for your relocation. Everything will be done by the professionals. You can avail these amazing services just by sitting at your home.

✅  Partial Packing and Unpacking

This is the second type. This is usually needed when you are relocating nearby. In that case, you don’t need to pack everything. You have to just pack delicate and big items like electrical appliances, glass items, mirrors etc. Here is how packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers will help you-

  • Delicate goods-it is not easy to pack delicate items when you don’t have the practice of it. Our professional packers and movers know very well how to pack and unpack delicate goods preventing them from wear and tear.
  • Time-saving– packing and unpacking is the most time-consuming task in the entire process of relocation. If one goes DIY without any prior experience or knowledge, it will take more time and the chances of getting damage will be higher.
  • Urgent packing– if you started all by yourself but couldn’t complete the task, then we can pack where you left off. Our professionals will come to your house all equipped and all prepared. Then, they will pack whatever is left.