Domestic relocation can be a truly hassling experience, right? Ever heard of International Relocation? It is many times hassling than domestic relocation.  When it comes to international relocation there are many complexities. You may also have a lot of doubts about what you should do. Which moving company should you hire? What kinds of documents do you require? In order to make your international relocation smooth and hassle-free, you need to know some tips and tricks. When it comes to international relocation, one company stands out- Citiesmovers. We have the directory of top notch packers and movers in New York City and different countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more. 

Checklist to make your International Relocation Easy-peasy

Here I have compiled some steps in the form of a checklist which you need to make sure that you check each one off the list.

 Shortlist international moving companies

Firstly, you need to research on some moving companies. You need to look for the kind of relocation services they provide. Further to that, focus on companies that your friends and family members recommend to you. Further, it is better to read reviews of the shortlisted companies. Check whether they provide services you are looking for or not. Narrow down the list according to that.

 Contact the companies in your list

Once you are done making a list of moving companies, you must start contacting companies you are feeling confident in cooperating with. Try to get detailed information about various aspects of international relocation.  You can ask the company to give you a quote or you can use the request for quotation on the company’s website. But, the best way always is to call and discuss things over phone. By speaking to them you can get a feel of their expertise.

 Explain your requirements

You can explain your specific relocating requirements. This includes:

  • The origin
  • The destination
  • The date you want to relocate
  • Items you want to take with you
  • Any special services you need
  • If you are moving with your pet

 Volume estimation and quotation

After contacting the companies you must have eliminated some companies from your list. The company will need to attain a precise volume estimate of the items so they can build a relocation plan and provide you with an accurate price for your relocation requirements. You have to call the company professionals for a survey of your items so that they can quote a price.

 Review quotation and relocation plan

Your will receive a quotation following the survey and plan for your move from each moving company. Look for the details within quotation like

  • Volume
  • Origin/destination listed
  • Included services
  • Price or rate of insurance
  • Handling costs
  • Custom duties

You can compare the quotations received from different companies and see what kind of services they are omitting to lower the prices. After comparing and checking the services included in the quoted price decide which one is the best for your relocation.

 Book your relocation dates

After reviewing the quotations and deciding on your moving companies, you should ensure to book the dates you want to move. Make sure to confirm the dates with the moving company. After confirming the date, book the date for your international relocation.

 Prepare the international move documentation

Documentation is what makes international relocation different from domestic relocation. When you are moving across the borders, you only require some kind of documents. You will need to complete key documents relating to transferring goods across borders. This include

  • Filing out custom documents
  • Submitting a copy of your passport
  • Residence visa/work permit

Besides these, ask the company what other documents are required and when it should be received. If you have hired a reputable and reliable moving company, they will help you with the documentation process.  Moving companies listed with Citiesmovers provide help with documentation process.

 Prepare for packing

The moving company must give you every update as tasks are checked off and confirm details for your packing day. The company will arrange and inform you about the time of packing crew arrival at your place. They will also tell you what preparations you need to make and anything else related to your relocation. Make sure they have all the necessary documentation and details required for the shipments and custom clearances as well.

 Packing of goods

Next step is packing your belongings. The packers and movers will arrive at your place on the decided day of relocation. They will be then packing all the goods. You can guide them through your home. You can ensure the packing is done properly by keeping an eye on the packing process. The company crew will hand you over the list of inventory.

 Transportation and storage

If you have items that need to be store, moving companies will be storing it in their storage houses. We will prepare your goods and send them by air, sea, or even road. The company will update you regarding the dates and will take care of the necessary documentation required for transportation. During transit, your company must update you where your goods will be at that particular moment. If you are moving your belongings by sea, it can take weeks to arrive at the intended destination. They should inform you of key sailing dates and details of the vessel carrying your goods.

 Custom clearances of goods

The moving company will manage the custom clearance process for you and update you once it is done. You can start planning the delivery of your goods to your new residence once the date of arrival of your goods is established. You can ask the company to establish the arrival date and then the company professionals will also help you with the delivery of your goods.

 Delivery and unpacking

Once your goods are delivered at your new place, you can guide the workers to unpack your items. You can give them a tour of your house and tell them where you want to place a particular item. They will also do the assembling of the goods that were disassembled at your old residence. This is how the overall process of international relocation looks like.