Are you planning to move your fine art masterpiece? Then you can’t do it on your own. This is because regular items do not require special attention and packing. But, delicate items like fine arts or artwork requires special handling and attention during packing, loading and transportation. And when we talk about professional packers and movers specialized in fine art moving, Citiesmovers is the place.  Our professionals are experienced in handling delicate fine art items.

 Why hire Citiesmovers for Fine Art Moving?

  • Our packers and movers offer customized packing and handling of delicate fine art collection.
  • We professionals make sure that your prized possessions are transported securely from source to destination.
  • Our team provides high standard packing solutions. For instance, simple packing, fire proof packing and impact-protected packing.
  • We make the entire process stress-free and hassle-free. How? By offering secure unpacking, handling and storage services.
  • Packers and movers in London are equipped and specialized in packing and handling of fine art moving.
  • Moving companies list on Citiesmovers use environment-friendly materials in every move.

 What is the process of moving fine artwork?

As I already mentioned, fine art moving needs special attention and careful handling. It becomes the duty of moving company to provide careful handling to your artwork because art is priceless. Here is the process of moving fine artwork.

  • Plan and preparation

Careful planning and preparation is a crucial part of relocation. Moving fine art is not a cakewalk process. You need to do a lot of careful and detailed planning. Along with that, a whole lot of preparation is the need. You need to measure the dimension, size, and weight of the art pieces before you pack them. This will allow you to decide the kind of packaging material and vehicle you will require to transport the artwork.

  • Appoint a manager to oversee everything

It is important to have someone who will oversee whatever progress is happening. He/she will be responsible for checking whether or not everything is going seamlessly.

  • Trained crew

This is not your regular home or office relocation. You need to have experienced people on board in order to move your art pieces carefully. Packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers have trained crew that packs, loads, and move your fine art safely and carefully.

  • Insurance for move

Since the fine artwork is precious and delicate, it is more susceptible to damages that may happen in transit. Therefore, you should make sure that the moving company provides insurance coverage for the move. Or you can yourself avail insurance coverage for your move.

 Mistakes to avoid when moving fine art

Here I have compiled some mistakes you need to avoid when moving fine art

  • Many people start fine art moving process DIY which should be avoided at all cost. This can lead to a disaster and will cost you more. Besides that, do not fall for low prices, it’s possible they may not do the job properly. Packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers are experienced and professional.
  • Second mistake is not having a good and steady plan. It is important to have a plan. This is because when you have a plan, you can do things systematically and in an organize manner. The best way out here is to partner with a professional and experienced packers and movers in Bangalore. They will help you in devising the perfect plan for your fine art moving.
  • When you are going all on your own for fine art moving, you need high-quality packaging materials which you may not have. Therefore, you need professional moving company. Professional movers will be using quality packaging materials. When it comes to moving delicate items like fine art, you need special packing material which only an expert moving company can have.
  • Another mistake people do is they don’t take care of their fine art before the move. It is really difficult to move fine art when they are in a bad condition. This may increase the moving charges as the movers will need to put in more efforts to pack and move them.
  • One most common mistake people make is they pack the fine art items first which they shouldn’t do. Packing them first makes them vulnerable to damages by other boxes. So, just pack the fine art in the last and fit them the best way you can in the free space of the truck.