Did you get that transfer you were waiting for? Well, congratulations if you have. But now the real struggle starts. The struggle of relocation or moving. Hire professional packers and movers in Mumbai for that. But, if you are having a four-wheeler then worrying about its transportation is very obvious. How can car be transported from one city to another? You can’t drive your car to another city or state, right? But, what if I tell you that there are professional car transportation services as well? Would you believe it? If you can’t, just bear with me till the end.

There are some things you must know before starting the whole car transportation process. These things will make the whole car transportation process hassle-free.

Things to know to make your Car Transportation Stress-free

Below is the rundown list of all the important things that you need to know before hiring a car carrier and transportation services

✅ Find the best car carrier and transportation service

The primary thing to do is to research the best car transportation services. Then you can shortlist some of them. Here you have to select the most trustworthy and reliable car carrier and transportation services. A company that can provide you all the crucial processes associated with car transportation. Packers and movers in Pune have the directory of certified and verified car transportation Services Company.  You can check that out on our website citiesmovers.com

✅ Read the reviews

Reading reviews should be your priority. Many times companies can fool clients by creating a top notch, professional website while in reality, they provide very poor services. Therefore, you must check the reviews and feedback of their clients. There are various platforms where you can read the reviews. For instance,

  • Their social media profiles,
  • Google listing,
  • Their website.

After reading the reviews, you can eliminate the companies which don’t provide good services as evident by the reviews and feedback. And you should keep the one with positive reviews. Sometimes, internet reviews can be fake or paid. In such case, you can ask your friends, family members or other known people for recommendations. They will suggest you some genuine and authentic companies.

✅ Do deep cleaning

After hiring the car carrier services, you must do deep cleaning of your car. Remove all the unnecessary and useless items from your car like accessories, car air fresheners, and so on and so forth. Taking your car for a service will be better. These items will roam here and there in your car during transportation if you don’t remove them.

✅ Do not deposit anything in advance

The major sign of a fraud company is asking for deposit in advance. A genuine and reputable company will never ask for any kind of deposit. They will only ask for payment when the car is picked up or dropped off. That way, you can back out if you don’t get the kind of services you expected.

✅ Check the insurance policy

Insurance is the number one priority when it comes to car transportation. You should ask your company to provide you with certificate of insurance. The certificate must include the following points:

  • Coverage amounts for liability
  • Cargo limits
  • Workers compensation
  • Any deductions, if applicable

✅ Get ready for shipping

After following all the aforementioned steps, it is time to get ready for shipping of car. Make sure that your car is clean and empty. Wash your car and keep it dust-free. Your car should be sealed properly in order to prevent it from getting damaged, scratched or dents during the transit. Then at the end, before picking up the car, the company professional will check the car for any damage like scratches etc.

After delivery, either you or a trusted professional will inspect your car and check if there is any damage caused during the transportation. You need to ensure these things will be done before you sign the contract.