Are you planning to shift to another city or state with your dream sports bike? If yes, then you must know the amount of stress and chaos that comes with planning and the entire process of relocation. As far as home relocation is concerned, there is plethora of moving service providers which you can hire. But, when it comes to bike transportation, people think that there is no such thing as bike carrier and transportation services. Let me bust this myth and state the fact- there are many bike relocation companies. So, if you are planning to move to new place with your bike then Citiesmovers is your one-stop destination.

In order to make your bike transportation process easy-peasy you must know these below mentioned tips

Tips to make your Bike Transportation Easy-peasy

Below I have created a quick list of tips which will make your bike transportation easy-peasy

Research on bike relocating companies

This is the first step when it comes to relocation, be it home relocation, car relocation, or even bike relocation.

How will you check whether the company is realistic or not?

You need to do a thorough research on all the prominent moving companies out there. You need to shortlist some of the companies according to your requirements. Need to conduct the inquiry on your own in order to inspect the reality of the company. After that, you can reach out to them and discuss further steps.

Hire experienced bike moving companies

This is the most important stage. You must always hire the best bike transporting company. Best packers and movers in mumbai has the top 10 directory of bike transportation service providers. They are well experienced in carrying vehicles over long distances. What are the things that you need to check before hiring the best bike carrier and transportation company?

  • Check their cost of transportation
  • Contact them to negotiate
  • Read reviews from their previous clients
  • You must check all the necessary documents of the company which is usually available on their website.

Inspect bike condition

You must inspect the condition of the bike beforehand. Check things like

  • Manufacture year
  • Mileage of the bike
  • Maintenance charges

If you are moving to a nearby place, bike can be easily carried as the cost for transportation is low. But if you are moving to a distant place and your bike is not in a good condition then there is no point of moving your bike as the transportation cost will be very high. Hence, your bike must be in a good condition.

Keep all required documents with you

There are some very important documents that you need to have whether you purchase a bike; sell a bike, or even when you relocate your bike. They include:

  • Insurance papers
  • RC- Registration certificate
  • Road tax papers

These papers are required because you might need to transfer your bike to the new authority at the new place. This becomes important when you are doing inter-state relocation. Hence, make sure all the documents are properly in place.

Check for damages

You must check your bike for any kind of damages, if occurred during transportation. If you find any damage, immediately report it to the moving company. Well, this won’t happen if you hire a professional and experienced company like packers and movers in Noida.

Citiesmovers has the best packers and movers companies that provide top notch bike transportation services. When you hire a moving company listed on our website, even a scratch cannot occur on your bike. You are at full liberty to demand compensation if there is any loss, minor or major.

Cross-check everything

Majority of the companies are fraud and they just prey on innocent clients. So, you must know that cross-checking is utmost important. One of the common red flags includes shifting companies demanding extremely less prices; less than the average cost in the industry. So, you must cross-check with them and previous clients as well to determine the realness of the company.