Moving from one place to another is itself a toilsome task. And when we talk about moving Antiques, it gets even more hectic. This collection of antiques which may be very dear and precious to you needs special care and attention while moving. You can’t go DIY with antique moving. You need professional help of packers and movers in mumbai. Packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers have years of experience in dealing with antique moving. Their professionals always ensure that the items arrive at the intended destination in exactly the same condition as it was when it was pick up from the source.

Process of Antique Moving

Let’s talk about the process of antique moving

 Pre-move survey

The process of antique moving starts with a pre-move survey. They gather all the necessary information from the client and note down their requirements. They will devise a perfect plan for your antique moving by taking a look at the antique pieces and fine artworks.


When it comes to Antique or an artwork moving, it is mandatory to cover it with perfect packing before the move. Packers and moving listed with Citiesmovers use special packaging materials like double or triple-walled cartons, bubble, cushioning, and stretch wraps to make the relocation of Antiques more reliable and safe with not even a scratch on them.

 Loading and unloading

Our packers and movers do the loading and unloading very carefully. Because antiques are delicate so our professionals use specialized equipment to move your antiques. They ensure that the moving is done carefully and without causing any damage to the antiques.

 Suitable carrier or vehicle

In order to transport the antiques carefully, you need to have an appropriate and suitable vehicle. Our packers and movers prefer to pick a suitable vehicle to transport antiques, fine arts, and sculptures to ensure safe transportation.

 Transit insurance

We also provide insurance coverage so if you want to ensure that your antiques reach safely to your destination you can avail insurance coverage.

 Timely doorstep delivery

Our services are not just cost-effective. But, they are time efficient as well. They ensure that your antiques are delivered at your destination under the time limit. Our professional handle items with care like they handle their own stuff. They also provide disassembling and re-assembling services, if needed.

Things to Consider Before Moving Antiques

Before hiring any packers and movers for your antique moving, you must consider some things. Here is a rundown of things you need to consider before moving antiques.

  • First off, you must prepare a list of the items of antiques and arts you have that you want to move. You should do that before confirming the quote from a moving company. In your list, check if there is any delicate item that needs special care and attention for transportation and inform it to the packers and movers. 
  • Take photos of the antiques or you can also shoot a video of them. This will act as a proof of the condition of your fine art which makes it easier to find any damage that may happen during the transit so that you can claim the insurance on it.
  • It is important to get a professional appraisal for the value of your antiques. It is best to meet up with an appraiser for high-end antiques. They are specialized in that specific antique. You must have a clear comprehensive description of your particular antique or art which is used for insurances purposes mainly.
  • Insurance is very important when it comes to antique moving. You must check whether or not they are providing any insurance for your antique move and also what kind of insurance they are providing. 
  • One thing you need to do before packing is to clean your antiques with mild cleansers.
  • Quality materials should be uses for packing in order to avoid any scratches on them. Packers and Movers in New York are specialized in packing antiques carefully with quality packaging materials like bubble wrapping and quality cushioned.

Antique moving is a hassling task but you can make it seamless by hiring packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers. They have the best techniques and latest equipments to ensure the safety of your antiques.