Are you planning to relocate to a landlocked foreign country? This means you can’t move your goods by sea as it will cost you a lot. Here, you have to turn to air freight cargo transport. What is air freight cargo transport? Air freight is same as air cargo. It is the shipment of goods through an air carrier. When we talk about moving express shipments around the globe, air freight cargo transport services are the most valuable. Air freight flies in the same gateways just like commercial or passenger flights. Before hiring an air cargo transport services, you must know some important things to make the best choice.

 Tips for hiring the best Air Freight Cargo Transport Company

Here I have compiled some top notch tips that you can use to hire the best air freight cargo transport company

  • You must look for a company that can handle all types of shifting consignments with absolute care.
  • Regardless of the kind of shifting the company must provide full-fledged co-ordinated services.
  • Air cargo transport companies listed with Citiesmovers have always been known for providing the best standard services to the clients. They consistently strive for perfection in every aspect of your packing and moving service.
  • The services are in line with customer’s requirements. You will be assist from the first step to the last.

 What is the entire process that you have to follow?

When it comes to relocating your cargo across the borders, there are many complex processes involved. As far as air cargo transport is concerned, different documentations are required. So, if you are looking to transport your cargo by air freight you must follow the below mentioned tips to make your moving experience easy-breezy.

Research on air cargo transport companies

This is the first step regardless of the type and item you intend to relocate. First off, you need to conduct a thorough research on various air freight cargo transport companies. Check what kind of services they provide. In which countries they provide their air freight services? Their rate list and things like that. Besides that, check their ratings and reviews. You can also get in touch with their previous customers and ask them about their experience with that particular company. You can find the directory of best air freight cargo transport companies on our website.

Hire the best company

Now according to your requirements select the top 3 companies. Then, reach out to those 3 companies. Discuss things with them. Like your cargo shifting requirements, date of transport, your budget etc. If everything goes well with the company, hire them.

Prepare a list

Prepare the list of items you want to transport by air. You can give that list to the transport company as well. This will help both of you in determining the size of the boxes needed for packing, charges for the flight etc.

Packing and moving

Next step is to pack the goods and transport it to the airport from where it will be flown to the intended country. The company will make sure your cargo arrives at the destination in safe and secured condition. The packing will be done carefully so that zero or least amount of damage is caused to the cargo.

 Why hire Air Freight Cargo Transport from Citiesmovers?

Below are some reasons you should hire Citiesmovers

  • Time-efficient freight solution
  • Global reach and single focal point
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Less cost more flexibility
  • Fast response time
  • Best security and cargo protection
  • Physical handling of cargo at stations
  • Weight checks at origin as well as at destination
  • Monitoring of cargo in storage using CCTVs
  • Tracking and monitoring of cargo in transit
  • Safe delivery of cargo to the intended destination

Whether you need packing services or transportation services, Citiesmovers has it all. Our quality services have enhanced our reach to many customers sitting in various places across the globe.