In citiesmovers blog, I have talked about everything that make your intercity, intracity, local, domestic, and international relocation a stress-free process. Basically, I talked about the entire relocation process and the things that you need to follow to make your relocation a cakewalk process. But today’s guide is going to be special one as you’re going to read about the things which are required to do after moving/shifting to a new house.

moving to a new house

No matter whether the relocation is going to be short or long-distance, this guide is for everyone. Make sure to read the complete article to make your after shifting task much easier.

So, let’s get started.

A list of few essential things you must do after moving to a new house

Unload items from the truck

The very first thing you must be doing is safely unloading the household items from the truck. If you have hired Packers and Movers in Chennai, then the professional will help you with that. But if you haven’t taken professional’s help, then you have to do this work on your own. Just make sure that you safely unload the items without damaging your items and hurting yourself as well. Moreover, you can ask for help nearby people to help you with unloading the items. In return, you can invite them in housewarming party.

Call the utility service provider

Though this step is followed before the moving to a new house, if you haven’t got your utility service connection to a new house then you have to do it now. Utility services such as water supply, electricity, TV connection, WIFI connection, telephone if you have, and other essential utility service connection you want to get a connection of. To get these service connection, you have to call service providers who will come and visit your house to check how to provide you services.

Arrange your household items

After calling utility service provider, it’s time to arrange the household items in a new home. How you’re going to arrange these items? Though it’s not that tough task, if you have furniture items try to place them in your bedroom or hall. Keep sofa set in drawing room and other essential items in your room. Keep kids items in their room if you want to offer separate room to your kids. For getting computer arrangement and other essential items, you have to call service provider for that. Like AC connection, gas connection, and other essential items as well.

Throw house warming party

It is obvious that you have shifted to a new place, city, or country right. You will not know about your neighbor if you don’t interact with them or have meetings. That’s why to meet your new neighbors and build relations with them, it’s important for you to call them in house warming party. The party will help you interact with your neighbors and you can interact with them and get to know about the locality you live in.

Update everyone with your new information

Changing the new house address officially is important for government records and getting the utility bills price. But it is also important to update your family and friends about the new house address. You can either send across the text message or email notifying people of your new address. Keep your phone number same don’t change it otherwise you will lose connections with people.

Bonus point: get transit insurance coverage

This is important point for people who relocate to new city with precious items. What happens in transit insurance is that you get coverage amount for the damaged goods. Once you reached to the new house, just check if any of your items is damaged or not. If found damaged, just claim the coverage amount from the Packers and Movers in Ahmedabad.

Summing up

Relocation to a new place is kinda hectic task for people who go through this process. But managing things after moving to a new house is as essential as entire relocation. That’s why make sure to follow this guide once you moved to a new house. I believe this guide helped you know what all necessary things you should be following after moving to a new house. You can also hire best Packers and Movers in Delhi for your home relocation needs.

For any query or information, citiesmovers is here to help, just get in touch with us.