Home relocation is already a tiresome and hectic process but it becomes troublesome when you have vintage/antique items to move. Vintage items are what we love the most. In fact, we don’t want to see any kind of tiny scratch on them and damage caused to them. Vintage items such as art, painting, old clock, crockery, and so on are quite delicate and need proper care. That’s where best packers and movers in bangalore come to rescue your timeless and irreplaceable items. Since they’re professional movers, they handle items carefully without causing any damage to them.

pack antique items

Nevertheless, you must also learn crucial tips to safely move antique items if not hiring packers and movers. You’re going to read those tips below.

Learn to move antique items safely with the tips given below

I’m sure that the given tips will help you safely move antique items during home relocation. So, let’s have a look at them below.

✑ Create a moving checklist

The first tip every person hitting relocation must follow is to create a moving checklist so that you can easily handle all your possessions. I know that you don’t want any kind of stress associated with moving. That’s why you need to make a moving checklist to make shifting hassle free. In the checklist, you can write items that require special attention, safety, security, and packing materials. This task will only be done by you.

✑ Buy right packing material

Since you’re packing vintage items on your own without taking help of others, you need to focus on buying quality and strong packing materials. No doubt, packing materials play a great role in preventing your vintage items from any kind of damage. That’s why choosing the right kind of material is your responsibility. If you would hire packers and movers in indore, they will carry their own packing materials to wrap and pack those items.

✑ Keep valuable items safe and secure

Your valuable could be jewellery, documents, essential equipment, passport, purse, credit/debit card, etc. You just can’t take these items away from your sight. Or could you? To ensure these items don’t get stolen or misplaced, you need to keep them safe and secure to the safest place. Well, you can store these items in locker during home shifting. This way you will save your items from damage.

✑ Pack art and antiques

Packing is the most hectic part of home shifting. You have to pack everything like furniture, kitchen items, antique items, and other essential household possessions you have. Without packing these items, it’s hard to imagine safe relocation for worldly possessions. Since you’re moving your valuables and vintage items, you have to ensure that the packing material is damage resistant. This way you can ensure that your antiques are safe and secure.

✑ Don’t rush into moving

We know that moving is energy draining and time-consuming right. Sometimes you don’t get enough time to properly pack and move items, which lead to making rush. Well, this is the mistake that most of you do. You can’t rush into moving due to less time. Rather start managing things at least 6-7 days (a week) before the final relocation. This is the only way you can manage moving your antique and delicate items on your own.

The bottom line

Antique items are quite delicate and fragile. You have to take proper care and safety while moving and packing them. So, above tips are what you need to follow if you don’t take help of packers and movers. But if you’re hiring any trustworthy and certified moving company, then don’t forget to take transit insurance facility from them. In case, any of your items get damage, you can recover the damage amount from the insurance and recover the loss.

If you got any query and question to ask, we’re here to help you out. Just get in touch with us.