Are you planning to relocate to another place? If yes, then you must have hired a pune packers and movers or you may have done the packing part yourself but definitely need a vehicle to transport your goods. For the best truck rental services, Citiesmovers is your one stop solution.

Citiesmovers Truck Rental Services

The truck rental services of Citiesmovers are designed to offer you an affordable, enjoyable, and comfortable shifting experience. We handle every kind of goods transportation. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who will help you in delivering your goods safely in timely manner. Citiesmovers has the directory of best truck rental companies listed on our website.

Why choose Citiesmovers?

Are you looking for reliable and professional truck rental services? Shifting to another city or state requires vehicle for the transportation part. Then you can get in touch with rental companies l with Citiesmovers.

Moving household belongings or office goods can be really hassling. Regardless of where you are moving, by hiring truck rental services listed with Citiesmovers you can save yourself the hassle. Some of the benefits of choosing us are-

  • Advanced and effective truck rental services
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient services
  • Real-time tracking of goods/items
  • Live chat support
  • Convenience and flexibility to rent truck of your choice
  • 24/7 pickup and return of trucks

Truck Rental Guide

If it is your first time renting a truck, you must check out this truck rental guide. Below I have created a checklist you must go through before renting a truck for your home or office relocation.

Research on truck rental services

First off, you need to research on various rental services on the internet. Then after that you can shortlist some of them based on the

  • Type of services they provide
  • Rate list
  • Reach to different states
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Fleet of trucks
  • Experience of drivers

Select a truck rental company

After you are done with shortlisting the name of truck rental companies, select the one best suited to your requirements. You can contact them to discuss the date of move. Negotiate the charges with them according to your budget.

Select a vehicle

First step to selecting a vehicle-You need to measure the dimensions of your cargo. Then according to the dimensions of your goods you can select the most appropriate vehicle. You can also contact the rental service and ask them to suggest you some vehicles according to the size of your cargo.

Information about drivers

This is another important thing you must make sure. Ask the company to give you the details of driver assigned to the transportation of your goods. The details must include

  • Age of the driver (to check whether he is eligible to drive)
  • Valid driving license of the driver
  • Past record of the driver

Protection for vehicle and goods

Once the packing of goods is completed, the truck will arrive at your place and the goods will be loaded into the truck very carefully. Our truck services offers a variety of protection products from roadside assistance to coverage for vehicle and your cargo.


Once the goods are load into the vehicle, the driver will deliver the goods at the intended destination. The drivers make sure that the goods are delivered in the same condition as they were before loading. Truck services listed with Citiesmovers always ensures that your goods are delivered with very much care and perfection.