If you ask me what is the most cost-effective way of transporting bulk goods, my answer would be through sea freight. Sea freight is the transportation of bulk goods or goods in large amounts by carrier ships. Goods are first packed into containers and then loaded onto a ship carrier.

A normal cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers which makes it a cost-effective way to transport bulk goods across the waters. There are many ways of shipping goods like using truck, rail, or air freight. However, when it comes to moving goods in bulk around the world, sea freight shipping is the undeniable winner.

Sea freight is the most widely used method for transportation of large amount of cargo. When looking for sea freight companies, you can always rely on Citiesmovers. We have the directory of top notch sea freight companies.

Kinds of sea freight

First off, let’s see some ways in which you can transport goods through sea freight


➣ Full Container Load involves purchase of one or more full containers to send on a ship.


Less Container Load– involves sharing a container as you might not have a full container’s worth. The content of the containers are divided once more they reach their destination.

Roll on roll off– in this type, your goods do not leave the vehicle. The cargo is load onto the cargo ship with the vehicle. The vehicle is driven onto the ship and then driven off the other end.

Dry Bulk Shipping

Movers use it for particular goods. The goods are deposited into the hold of the ship rather than travelling in a container.

✅ Pros and cons

Below mentioned are some pros and cons that you must know

  1. Sea freight is the most cost-effective option for shipping bulk goods over long distances. It is easy to scale.
  2. This is a much less expensive option for intercontinental shipping, air freight being more expensive.
  3. This is the best method for shipping large-sized goods that are difficult to transport.
  4. It has a low carbon footprint in comparison to other shipping modes. This is because a solo cargo ship can transport large quantities of goods.
  5. Another important benefit is that moving companies use it to transport hazardous and dangerous goods like chemicals etc.

Now let’s take a look at some cons

  1. One of the most common cons is the duration it takes to deliver the goods. Sea freight is the slowest method you can find to transport goods. The time depends on distance, but intercontinental shipping generally takes longer periods of time and some may take even longer time.
  2. Though it is a cost-efficient method but for transporting goods in small quantity it can be much less cost-effective.
  3. It requires whole lot of paperwork and may include fees at various stages.
  4. Sea freight is more prone to port delays than some other methods due to the massive amounts of resources required to load and unload a ship.

Sea freight is the most cost-effective and environment friendly method of transportation of goods. But this is not for everyone. This is only for those who want to move large quantities of goods. This is for Intercontinental shipping. It is the best method of transportation for big businesses that transport export and import products all over the world. Citiesmovers provide packing and moving services domestically and internationally. Our modes of transportation include by road, by rail, by air and by sea.