Are you planning to relocate to a new city? I know relocation can be a nightmare for many of us. Especially, if you have to move your plants with you, it can get really messy at times. And if you don’t have any experience in relocation, you will definitely end up in a mess. What is the way out of here? Hiring packers and movers in Pune. Citiesmovers has the online directory of top notch packers and movers having special training in plant relocation.

✅ Why hiring professional movers from Citiesmovers is important?

  • Because plant requires a lot of care and attention while moving. Plants can get damaged very easily during transit if they are mishandled or not properly packed.
  • They also get damaged when loaded improperly into the truck when you shift plants yourself.
  • Plant relocation needs the same level of special care and attention needed by fine art moving or antiques moving. 
  • Professional packers and movers in London is the best option for plant relocation because they are expert at handling plants with the necessary care and perfection.
  • They know how to shift your entire garden to your new house.
  • They use proper and high-quality packaging materials to pack your plants. For instance, they use plastic bags with holes, carton, and so forth.
  • They have trained workers who will carefully place your plants in suitable trucks ensuring the plants gets optimum sunlight and air.

✅ Packers and movers services to relocate plants

Following are the services by our packers and movers

  • We provide free consultation regarding plant relocation
  • Perfect packing of plants for moving by using right methods
  • Using suitable vehicle for transporting plants
  • Round the clock tracking system
  • Door to door pickup and delivery services
  • Attentive packing and damage-free loading and unloading of plants
  • We offer temperature controlled warehouse services if necessary

✅ What is the process of plant relocation?

Here is the process of plant relocation

  • Pre-move survey

This is the first step. The experts from the packers and movers will visit your house. They will then conduct an on-site survey to know about the quantity of plants that you want to transport. They will also ask you about your requirements. 

  • Packing

The process of unpacking-

  • First off, using a lightweight plastic pot they will re-pot all the plants with sterilized soil.
  • Then, they will cover the plants with the plastic bags and tie them at the end of the plant to avoid spilling soil during transportation
  • Packaging materials includes paper towels, packing papers, and bubble wraps to fill the gaps between the plants in moving boxes.
  • They will place the plants in open boxes.
  • Loading

Next step is to carefully load the boxes containing plants into the truck. Special attention and care is taken by our movers so that your plants don’t get damaged at any point during transit.

  • Transportation

Suitable vehicles are used for transportation of plants. We have temperature-controlled trucks to relocate plants. This is because too cold or too warm condition may hurt or even damage the plants.

  • Delivery on time

One of the most important reasons why you should hire packers and movers from Citiesmovers is that they deliver your plants at the intended destination on time.

  • Unloading and unpacking

Once the vehicle reaches your destination, the movers will carefully unload the boxes of plants. Once they are done doing that, they will unpack them as well. You can guide the movers to place the plants wherever you like in your new house.

✅ Prepare Plants for Moving

How you can prepare plants for moving? Let’s see how

  • You can repot the plants into sterilized plastic pots so that movers can handle them easily.
  • Delicate pots like ceramic pots and heavy pots must be packed carefully and with care.
  • One week before you must start pruning your plants which will help the plants stay healthy in transit.
  • To avoid last minute mess, water your plants 3 days before moving. This will maintain the moisture content your plant needs.

       Plant relocation is really tough but not when you hire professional packers and movers from us. Citiesmovers is the best solution for all kinds of relocation services. We do the necessary verification of moving companies before listing them on our platform. They have the license and certificates and is reputable in your locality and all around the world.