Packing and moving-sounds like a hell lot of work. And indeed it is! Relocation can become really hectic and chaotic when you are moving for the first time. You may also feel the need of professional people to help you with relocation. Because without proper planning and strategy you can end up in a self-created mess. But if you hire packers and movers in Gurgaon listed on Citiesmovers, you can save yourself from the entire struggle. Why Citiesmovers? At Citiesmovers, we always want to provide you a smooth and pleasant Packing and moving experience. We have trained and skilled staff who have the know-how of the entire process of relocation.

But, before you hire any packers and movers for your relocation, you must know the entire relocating checklist and tips so that your relocation experience is great.

What is the Whole process of packing and moving looks like?


This involves the preparation which you should start one month before the day of relocation.

  • Make a shifting checklist-there can be plethora of important tasks that need to be done only if you remember all of them. In order to remember all of them, you have to make a checklist otherwise you may forget some of them.
  • Research on packers and movers– Whether you are shifting in your locality or to another state, you need to find best packers and movers. However, finding the right packer and mover is not an easy task unless you hire packers and movers listed on Citiesmovers. You need to do your research on the Packing and moving companies and then shortlist few of them in line with your moving requirements.
  • Eliminate useless items-this is something you need to do after making your items checklist. Taking unnecessary items with you will only increase your transportation costs. Hence, you must declutter your belongings.
  • Request pre-move survey– next you can request some of the moving companies from your list to visit your home and take a tour of the inventory and discuss shifting requirements. Pre-move survey will allow you to get more accurate shifting charges.
  • Compare and hire company– once you get the final rate list, compare them along with the company profiles, reviews and ratings. Select the moat genuine, reliable and trustworthy company out of them and remove the others.

A week before preparation

This is the time to get organize. Now you have only a week left. So, you must buck up and make sure everything is ready and in proper place. This phase involves the following steps:

  • Prepare overnight bag-it will become very hectic for you to do many things on the day of moving. Hence, you should pack a survival kit type bag which contains all the essential items.
  • Pack important documents– during the relocation process you can miss or damage your important documents. Therefore, you must organize important documents in proper files and dispose unwanted papers.
  • Careful packing of different items– special care is required to pack delicate and valuable items like glass, crockery, expensive items, so that they don’t get damaged. Also, electronic appliances also require special packing. Clean your AC and defrost the fridge.

A day before moving

This is the most critical day. You must make a last-minute checklist so that you don’t miss anything.

  • No pack zone– overnight bag, essential items bag etc. should not be pack with rest of the goods. They should go with you in your vehicle and not in the truck.
  • Take pictures of items-before the shifting starts, you can take pictures of all the items. This will give you a proof of how the items were in the initial condition. So that you can complaint with the company if some of your items get damaged or misplaced during transit.
  • Keep refreshments and money ready– since you will be required to travel as well, you should take something to eat with you such as snacks and water bottle. And keep the money ready as at the end of the move, you will be require to pay.

Shifting day

Weeks of preparation have got you to this D-day. You should start early in the day so that you can leave early, and when you leave early you will arrive at your new place in time.

  • Proper disassembly and packing– professionals of packers and movers in Pune will disassemble and pack your items carefully and with care. You can guide them and check if the disassembling and packing have been done correctly.
  • Loading– after packing, the goods will be load on to the truck. You can guide the movers as they may not know every metre of your home. Double check everything- all the rooms, windows, doors, switches etc. before saying goodbye to your old home.
  • Unloading– after you arrive at your new home, workers will unload the goods off the truck. Here also you can guide the movers through your new home. You can guide them where you want them to place different items.
  • Check unpacking and assembly– movers will unpack and re-assemble your goods the moment you arrive at new place. You should check whether the unpacking and re-assembling is done in the right manner. After that, check if there are any damages that occurred to your goods during transportation. If you find one, immediately report it to the company. You can even file for insurance.
  • Unpack essentials– after the movers leave your new home, you can start unpacking your essential bags that you packed for yourself. Now it is time to relax and have rest!


  • Unpacking list– first you need to prepare an unpacking list and then start unpacking items according to the list to avoid any hotchpotch.
  • Do cleaning– this is your new home and you want to keep it neat and clean. So, does some cleaning work after you are done with unpacking?
  • Write reviews for company– do share your experience with the moving company. Don’t be all praising. Write an honest review. If you don’t like their services mention what exactly you didn’t like and how can they improve it. This will help other people as well.
  • Go and explore– this is a new place, so you can go out and explore it. Meet your new neighbours. Invite them to come over to your house. Make some new friends.