Moving office is not a stationary process. Offices are constantly moving to new places. People are always on the move. Due to this, it becomes necessary to have a move management system in place.

So, what is move management?

Move management is basically the process of moving one or more employees from one place to another in your organization. There are three ways of doing it, you can move employee within your organization, add employees or change the position of employees by promotion. In other words, move management involves coordinating the phases of move ensure hassle-free execution, regardless of the scale. Pre-planning, task delegation, moving execution, settling, and finalization are the steps in moving management.

✅ How to make move management seamless?

Move management is a process that demands detailed planning. What’s more important is to make the move seamless and stress-free. How you can do that? Let’s see how

  • First off, you need to identify your basic goals and a time frame for your move. You can appoint a team that will oversee the entire goal setting process.
  • Next you have to thoroughly plot a plan for both the spaces, one you are leaving and other you are moving to. This involves generating a layout, understanding how it will be staffed and managing the intangibles.
  • Once the act is complete, detail the move itself-the tasks leading up to it, the timeline, and the move.
  • To ensure that everything stays on track, set parameters. Logistic oversight is the most essential part of any kind of move.
  • Communication is crucial. You have to ensure that everybody on the team is aware of the information at the level they need.

✅ Why hire Citiesmovers for move management?

There are many reasons to hire Citiesmovers for your move management. Citiesmovers has the best directory of moving Company that will help you with your moving management. Here are some reasons to hire Citiesmovers for your move management

  • First reason you should hire Citiesmovers for move management is our cost-effective services. Citiesmovers provide cost-effective services to their clients. We do not prey on our customer’s pockets. We do not have any hidden charges.
  • Our services are time-efficient as well. This means that our professionals will be working day and night to make your move in a timely manner under the deadline.
  • There will be minimal disruptions in the entire process. Our team will implement it with minimal organizational disruption.
  • Citiesmovers will be planning for different scenarios. Our professionals use scenario planning to figure out the best office configuration for maximum space utilization and employees wellness.

✅ What is the process of move management?

Moves don’t happen overnight. They need planning and communication in detail. But overall, all moves follow the same process-

  • Request Management– Management will be seeing what employees should move and when they should move as well as what small or large scale moves are in the works.
  • Planning– Planning is very important. High-level coordination between the team members is necessary. This process involves coordination between departments like HR department, IT-department and so forth.
  •  Coordination– Coordination between various departments and external vendors as well will ensure the move happens properly and on time. Internal coordination is as much important as external coordination.
  • Process review– Follow up surveys is also important. You should review the move. Check whether or not the move went well. Are the employees able to achieve their goals after the move? Are they happy and satisfied with the move? Did the move happen in time? Then you should analyse the data gathered from the survey. You will be able to make improvements for the future. This will help you to continually optimize and improve your move process over time.