If you are planning to Domestic Relocation, you need professional packers and movers listed with Citiesmovers to get the job done. When it comes to hiring professional packers and movers, many people do not know how to start. Especially people who have zero or less experience of relocation are more likely to make mistakes. Hence, it becomes really important to hire the right packer and mover. In order to hire best packers and movers you must know few points before you make any decision. These points will help you in making the right decision which will, in turn, make the moving process easy.

Tips for making Domestic Relocation smooth

Here is a complete rundown of tips you must know to make your domestic relocation smooth

Checklist containing all tasks

This is the very first step regardless of the relocation type. You have to make a task checklist whether you are moving locally, domestically, or even internationally. It does not matter whether you are relocating home, office, corporate, bike or whatever; you need to make a checklist. The checklist will have all the necessary tasks that need to be done.

Look for a good moving company

Once you have made your moving checklist, start looking for packers and movers online. You have to carry out a detailed research on the moving companies. You need to check:

  • What type of relocation services they provide?
  • What is the rate list?
  • What is their past track record?

Declutter useless stuff

When you prepare the list of items that you want to take with you to your new place, eliminate useless items from your list. Declutter the useless and unnecessary stuff. This is because carrying loads of goods with you will only increase your transportation cost.

Compare different companies

Now based on the reviews, ratings, and rate list, compare the companies that you shortlisted before. Narrow down your list to a few which aligns with your moving requirements. Then you can contact each company and discuss your moving situation, requirements, date of moving and budget with them. Hire the one that best suits your requirements.

Prepare an essential survival kit

After hiring the moving company, you should prepare an essential survival kit for yourself. In the kit, you can pack the most essential items like essential clothing, food items, precious items, medicine etc. This kit will be very helpful for you when you arrive at your new place all tired.

Call the company for pre-move survey

This step involves inviting moving company’s professionals to your house. They will perform a pre-move survey. They will get the list of all the items you want to relocate. They will check the inventory. This will help them determine which type and size of vehicle will be right for transportation of your goods.

Prepare for the relocation

Most important thing to make sure during the process of domestic relocation is safety of goods. During long distance relocation, there are high chances of goods getting damaged. Process of the relocation takes place as follows:

  • Disassembling large goods
  • Packing of goods
  • Careful loading onto the truck
  • Transportation to new place
  • Unloading of goods at new place
  • Unpacking of goods (For unpacking you have to request the company to provide you with workers to unpack the goods)
  • Re-assembling of dismantled goods

Moving charges depend on:

  • How far is the destination– length of distance to be covered and route taken for that distance determine the moving charges.
  • Type of vehicle– another factor on which charges depends is the type of vehicle you opt for.
  • Whether protective packing is needed– when you are moving goods to a distant place you need to make sure that the goods arrive in safe and secured condition without any damage. According to the nature of the goods, high-quality packaging is used.
  • Amount of work done– of course, nothing comes for free in this world. The charges also depend upon the amount and duration of work done in packing, disassembling, loading, unloading etc. The charges will be on the higher side if the efforts are on the higher side.
  • Demand for destination– you must have heard “When the demand is high, the prices are high” This is true with domestic relocation as well. If the demand of relocation to a particular place is very much high, you can expect the charges to be high as well.