There could be many reasons behind a company moving its IT infrastructure. But, most of them are looking to move their server’s off-premise into a compliant, secure and interconnected facility. Regardless of the reason of relocation, here I have prepared a checklist for your data center relocation. This checklist will help you in preparing a successful relocation plan by understanding the scope, creating a detailed project plan, communicating requirements, and having the right resources in place.

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Checklist to make your Data Center Relocation seamless

There are some standard best practices that will make your data center relocation easier. Let’s take a look at them

Appoint a project manager

While you may have some experienced IT professionals and project managers in your staff, data center relocation is not easy as a cakewalk. You need to hire a professional manager to handle all the ins and outs of data center relocation. They know how to handle and manage logistics, budgeting, risk assessment, and other skills as well. If you assign this task to someone with zero or less experience, they can mess it up anytime.

Prepare documentation

When you are working in the IT industry, you can’t rely solely on your memory. If you do that, it can lead you to a disaster. Therefore, it is very important to document everything. You need to thoroughly document things like state of the network prior to location, a defined idea of what the relocated deployment will look like, and a comprehensive plan for making the transition. This will help you and will make your data center relocation seamless and hassle-free.

Research on relocation companies

This is another important tip to make relocation stress-free. You can’t just hire any company out there. You have to conduct a detailed research on all the companies that you come across on the internet. First off, you need to look for the kind of services they provide, most importantly whether they provide data center relocation services or not.

Next thing to check is their track record, their ratings and reviews by previous clients. After checking all of these things, shortlist some of them. You need to shortlist those companies that are in line with your moving requirements.

Allot resources

When you have the right plan and documentation with you, it is easier for you to allocate resources. Without a proper plan and documents you can allot wrong amount of resources in the wrong place. Thus, it is important to make a right plan and get the documentation ready.

Make a relocation timeline

Relocating a data center is a dodgy operation. This is because there are always chances for important data to be lost during cloud migration, expensive equipment to be damage during transit, chances of suffering extensive downtime. In order to prevent these aforementioned dangerous situations, a proper timeline should be developed. 

That will minimize those risks. This will also ensure the timely execution of data center relocation, with the least amount of disruptions caused. By following a timeline, you can make sure that right amount of time is dedicated to a particular task and that it is finishing in just the right time limit.

You can make sure that your data center relocation happens successfully by preparing and following an advanced plan carefully. This relocation is not an easy task as it involves complicated processes. Strategic and careful planning and rigorous implementation in collaboration with experienced and professional packers and movers in delhi can make the whole endeavor extremely easy for you.